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 Italo-English one e-news non periodical page                                                                                        2004, April-May

The News represents socio-cognitive engineering perspective on individual managerial  decision-making in business

, research and administrative organizations.                                                                                            Edited by AMAG on MKES, Rome

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The top MODM (Managerial Organizational Decision-Making) paradigm is :

Competent      +     Ethical      +      Empowered      +     Creative                                                             (TOGA Framework)

The theme of month:               ETHICS

Managing Ethics in Organizations (from:

The EOA <Ethics Officers Association> , in conjunction with the Center for Business Ethics at Bentley College, offers an intensive week-long course, Managing Ethics in Organizations.  The course provides practical knowledge, the fundamental theories, and general skills needed by prospective and recently appointed ethics and compliance officers and others

who have responsibilities for their organization's ethics, compliance or business conduct   programs. Faculty are experienced

 EOA ethics and compliance officers, academics and  consultants who are recognized leaders in their fields

Ethics Office Management - A Course for Ethics Office Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistants in the ethics office have many responsibilities: office manager;  information technology specialist; legal assistant; contract administrator; procedure writer; database manager; report creator; document control manager; web master; meeting planner;  training coordinator; helpline advisor; employee communicator; customer service

representative and "manage of the boss" Рjust to mention a few. This course is designed to offer practical advice, lesson learned, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities for ethics advise for those in ethics office administrative positions. ...

Ethics Administrative Software

The EOA offers an Ethics Administrative Software program exclusively to Sponsoring Partner members. The Ethics Administrative Software (EAS) was originally created by Hughes Aircraft to assist ethics officers in collecting, managing, reporting, and graphing details regarding ethics  allegations, inquiries, and human resources. The software is free and exclusive to EOA Sponsoring Partner members.

... also



La crescente globalizzazione di quasi tutti i settori economici, ci conduce verso  l’accettazione di regole uniche e all’elaborazione di sistemi etici condivisibili da tutti. ..

                   Il Codice Etico, esprime in merito, una profonda attesa di pace, indispensabile per lo sviluppo

 ... E per favorire questa finalità ha espresso un consenso etico di base, nel quale possono incontrarsi tutte le persone, anche  se di cultura e religione diverse.      (OSSERVATORE PERMANENTE  DELLA SANTA SEDE PRESSO L'O.M.T, 2000)
            EU Research


The Science and Society work programme forms part of the work programme for the FP6 specific programme

 Structuring the European Research Area. It covers the  following technical areas:

   - Scientific advice, governance & reference systems.

   - Ethics in science.

   - Uncertainty, risk, and the precautionary principle.

   - S&T culture, young people, science education and careers.

                  Women & science.

Cordis EoIMEFIT: Meta-Ethics Frameworks of IT,  Socio-Cognitive Approach

"The main aim of this research and pre-normative activity is the updating and adding a new pragmatic value

to the concept of ethics in the modern technological European Society."

              Current open Call: Governance, scientific advice, outreach and communication “
Deadline 11 May 2004:
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     ETHICOMP 2004   "Challenges for  the Citizen of the Information Society", April 2004


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