The Concise Top-Down TOGA Vocabulary of Meta-Knowledge and Socio-CognitiveEngineering
This vocabulary intends to present only  systemistic, application-domain and user independent definitions .

(Provisional edition, since 2009)       In modification yet     



Utility  It is a subjective property of system, which enables or facilitates  an intelligent agent to perform its tasks.  It can be determined as a just realized  efficacy of a task  from the goal perspective. It can be expressed  in a qualitative scale.

Personoid It is an abstract intelligent agent ( AIA - an active model of the  essence of intelligence) constructed on the base of TOGA's:  IPK paradigm and UMP (Universal Management Paradigm).

Ref. e-paper ,A.M.Gadomski.


  it is a relative concept referred to two objects and their properties. It is the capacity of observation.  

 An entity/object is observed by Inteligent Agent if able to perceive a change of a minimum one its characteristic attrubute.  It means, observability includes the capacity to distinguish observed object in its envirionment.                         .

Message   it is a carrier of information  transfered from IA or from another special system to one or  more  IAs. It is always comprehensible by its final intelligent of automatic receiver.                                                                         
ArC Agent relative concept (ArC)  - it means, it relates to a preselected intelligent agent or to a set/group/society of IAs.

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