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Biographical Note

Dr. Eng. Corrado Antonio Kropp was graduated in nuclear energy, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, since 1984 with ENEA, before with l’ANSALDO of Genova, engaged in the nuclear plant component safety research, and he also spend one year with General Electric. He collaborated with the Institute of Technical Physics “La Sapienza” di Roma, as a tutor and referee of numerous student theses from the Bologna and Rome universities, related to the thermohydraulics and high-temperature effects.

In ENEA, Kropp is with Department of Fusion , Technologies and Nuclear Presidium (FPN) where he has follow a techno-scientific managerial carrier as an expert and responsible person with various duties and numerous managerial tasks, such as the head of Experimental Engineering Division (1991-2001) and later, the head of the of Nuclear Installations Section in the Unit of the Treatment and Decommissioning of Nuclear Wastes.

Among other numerous international and national duties, Kropp serves as the ENEA’s coordinator of the cooperation with SOGIN (Società Gestione Impianti Elettronucleari for decommissioning and NUCLECO (company for nuclear eco-engineering), in Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico for “Atomic Questions”, with JRC Euroatom –Ispra, as well as a member of Nuclear Science Committee dell’OECD/NEA.

His interest also relates to the problems of new knowledge assessment what is expressed in the participation as the vice-president in the ENEA’s patent commission, and recently, as a member of the commission for the recognizing of “Professione di Ingegnere” at the University “La Sapienza” and “Campus Biomedico” in Rome.

Kropp is engaged in particular in the organizational aspects of nuclear safety engineering and his special interests, among others, include: human managerial engineering knowledge, super-safety constrains for modern nuclear power technologies, risk of nuclear plant maintaining management, and specific decision-making related to the treatment of nuclear wastes.

At present his main research focus is the investigation of the potential contributions of managerial factors in engineering decisions related to the systemic safety of complex nuclear systems, such as involved in the safety exploitation of nuclear critical assemble, research reactors, nuclear wastes processing.

Dr. Kropp is the member of the Order of the Engineer of the Province of Rome (an association for graduate and professional engineers) where he is Consigliere (a member of the board of directors ).

With the MIINS group, Kropp also provides precious deep practical managerial and administrative experience related to the safety of organization functioning and vulnerabilities.


Dr. Eng. Corrado A. Kropp

email: kropp(at)casaccia(.)enea(.)it

ENEA , Research Center Casaccia,

125 Roma, Italy

Phone office: 06-30484922,   Fax 06-30483147


CURRICULUM VITAE del  Dr. Ing. Corrado Antonio Kropp, - available on request.


The list of last more important  reports, articles and conference presentations (will be added yet)


A.Bobbio, S.Bologna, E.Ciancamerla, P.Incalcaterra, C. Kropp, M.Minichino, E.Tronci, ADVANCED TECHNIQUES FOR SAFETY ANALYSIS APPLIED TO THE GAS TURBINE CONTROL SYSTEM OF ICARO CO GENERATIVE PLANT, Proceedings of X Convegno Tecnologie e Sistemi Energetici Complessi (TESEC), June 2001, Genova.


A. M. Gadomski, M. Sepielli, C. A. Kropp, A. Ratto.  Super-Safety Concept in Nuclear Integrated Safety Management: An example of on-line monitoring application to CRDM for operational safety .

5th HOLMUG Technical Working Group Meeting on “Nuclear Power Plant Control & Instrumentation” , Ringhals, Sweden, October 16-17. 2008 (ppt presentation-pdf).