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Rocco Bove, degree in Electronic Engineering, University of Neaples (1979). Since 1981 was implied in the software research area at ENEA: from January 1981 to June 1983 as post-graduate stage on "data acquisition from nuclear and conventional sensors" and than as employed.

For several years he has been employed in data-acquisition from thermo-hydraulics experimental facilities in ENEA Research Centre. Than he has been employed as software designer responsible of the development of applications running in main-frame environment. He matured his expertise as Software Engineering specialist with focus on Formal Methods.

He developed several computer models and codes for Real-Time Embedded Systems, for transportation and energy fields. He participated in EC European Program Projects: IPTES (ESPRIT-II RD&T EP 5570/7811), Incremental Prototyping Techniques for Embedded Real-Time Systems, IDERS (ESPRIT-III RD&T EP 8693), Integrated Development Environment for Embedded Real-Time Systems with Complete and Product Visibility, UseGat (ESPRIT-IV Trial EP 20347), Use of Integrated Graphical and Textual Formal Specification.

From 2000 he works on nuclear safety field. In particular he participates in the activity of the TRANSSC meetings, as advisor, in revising the Regulation for Transport of Nuclear Material IAEA TS-R1. Also he follows the Safety and Security of Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) issues in the IAEA international context.

Further, he is implied in the application of Additional Protocol to the Safeguard Agreement for non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The Bove's multiyear interdisciplinary experience is important contribution to the systemic vision of the nuclear integrated safety (i.e. Super-Safety), and, in particular, to the mission of  the international MIINS research  group of experts and specialists.

CURRICULUM VITAE del  Dr. Ing. Rocco Bove ( ) - available on request.

Ing Rocco Bove

ENEA , Research Center Casaccia,


ph. : +39 328 390 44 94


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