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  Suman Rao

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 Managerial Intelligence

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  Nuclear Safety 

 (Since  2008)


401 Valentina Hiranandani Estate

Patlipada Thane(W)

Near Mumbai

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Super-safety management of nuclear  systems


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Mrs. Suman Rao holds a Masters in Business Administration from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from the University of Madras, India. She carries with her a work experience of over 15 years spanning varied industries such as software consulting, Power Projects, Energy, Chemicals and Training.


She is the founder of the research consulting firm Risk Analytics and Solutions (RIANSO). She works from Thane, a city bordering the western Indian city of Mumbai.

Rao has presented in many international conferences and has publications in international journals of repute in the above fields.

Among other research and application activities, from many years she is known as an active member of worldwide "Mailing List for Risk Professionals" <riskanal@lyris.pnl.gov>, as well as the  member of the SIG DAS  BISC Special Interest Group in Decision Analysis and Support ,

Her research interests and publications include areas primarily concerning applications of computational intelligence in complex decision making for nuclear organizations and a nuclear society. Specific themes include: Intelligent Risk based Decision-making for Organizations, Intelligent Organizational Safety Culture Models, Intelligent Risk based Policy Decision-making, Intelligent Computing for Sustainable development, Intelligent Decision-making in public participation and Intelligent Performance Measurement in Organizations.

The techniques she uses include Fuzzy Logic & Soft Computing, Evolutionary & Nature Inspired Computing, Agent Based Modeling, and Intelligent Abstractions for Business and Policy.

Suman Rao approach are congruent with the MIINS research mission. The socio-cognitive engineering paradigms  are unique base which unify her wide interdisciplinary experience and interests.

Suman's main research and application keywords: risk, risk, ..,risk, intelligence, ..., intelligence , methodology, organizational safety, human factors, , socio-cognitive systems management,TOGA meta-theory

A few last more important publications

Suman Rao, Safety culture and accident analysis- : A socio-management approach based on organizational safety social capital.Journal of hazardous materials, ISSN 0304-3894 CODEN JHMAD9,2007, vol. 142, no 3 , pp. 730-740.  Congrès Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center. Annual symposium, College Station, TX , ETATS-UNIS (25/10/2005)

Suman Rao, A risk-risk analysis-based socio-legal abstraction approach to complex decision making in nuclear systems. Journal: International Journal of Nuclear Knowledge Management 2007 - Vol. 2, No.4 pp. 349 - 362

Suman Rao,  Externalizing Tacit Knowledge to Discern Unhealthy Nuclear Intentions of Nation States. iske2008 ...

Suman Rao, A Complex Abstraction Approach to Radioactive Waste Management Policy Decision Making. in the book ... 2008

List of publications

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