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Archive: Nuclear Plant Technological Safety

Nuclear Reactor Dynamics Modeling & Analysis

Some selected works  related to the reactivity as a physical and technological

Safety-Critical Factor


 List of  articles conducting to the identification of the Reactivity Coefficients and Balance,  as the best (with high accuracy) control (real-time) and core state indicators.


    A.M.Gadomski.,  Numerical analysis of reactor kinetics with photoneutron sources (PL), Internal Report of INR n. 0-152/IXA/73, Swierk,1973. 

     A.M.Gadomski et al.. Preliminary proposals of changes in the control system of the EWA-10 reactor from the point of view of power reactor dynamics ,(PL), Internal Report of INR n. 0-140/IXA/73, Swierk,1973.

    A.M.Gadomski, Conception of the software for Incore Measurements System, Internal Report of INR n.0-126/IXA/74, Swierk,1974

    A.M. Gadomski. Programme for reactivity calculations on the TPA-1001-i computer (Rus),

Tech. Report of KFKI n. ZR-6-6-006, Budapest,1974.

    A.M. Gadomski, J.Kubowski. Project of experimental works for study of the reactor MARIA

dynamics , (PL), Internal Report of INR n. 0-172/IXA/75, Swierk, 1975.

    J.Bouzyk, A.M..Gadomski, S,Latek. Possibilities of research reactors application for

solving dynamic and control problems of power reactors, (Rus), Kernenergie, N. l9, Heft       

    T.Blenski, A.M. Gadomski. Higher-order Prompt-Jump Approximation based on the

Singular Perturbation Method. Tech. Report of INR nr.1973/IX/PB/A,1976.

    A.M..Gadomski,. Programme IKON-SS for reactivity calculation in real time, (PL). Internal

Report of INR n.0-83/IXA/77, Swierk, 1977.

    A.M.Gadomski, Analysis of the Singular Perturbation Method application in one-point

reactor dynamics mode1, (PL). Internal Report of INR n. 0-36/IXA/77, Swierk, 1977.

    J.Bouzyk, A.M.Gadomski, S.Latek, Research Project for Studies of Physical Processes in

WWER-440 reactor (1977-1980), (PL). Internal Report of INR n. 0-202/IXA/77, Swierk,1977.

    A.M. Gadomski. Application of Singular Perturbation Method in reactor dynamics for the

one-point and temperature-nodal mode1, (PL). Internal Report of INR n. 0-48/IXA/78,


    T.Blenski , A.M. Gadomski, J.Mika. Higher-Order Prompt-Jump Approximation in reactor.

Nuclear Science Engineering J., N. 66, 1978.

    A.M.Gadomski. Application of Singular Perturbation Method to numerical solutions of

one-dimensional non-linear reactor dynamics equations. Report IAEA, Research Contract

No. 1236/RB/1978, 1978.

    A.M,Gadomski. J.Mika. Singular Perturbation Method in one-dimensional nonlinear

 reactor dynamics model, (PL), Advances in Nuclear Techniques, N.23,1979.

    S.Boeriu, A,M. Gadomski, A.Gandini,  General Perturbation Theory in static reactivity calculations. ENEA Report RTI/CIRENE-PASI, N.1, 1986.


          Articles related to the application of the Reactivity Balance and Real-Time Simulation for 

                 diagnostics, control and supervisory of  power reactor core.


    A.M.Gadomski, J.Bouzyk, M.Sujczynska. Determination of small reactivity in real time by inverse kinetics method. Annals of Nuclear Energy, N.6, 1979.

    A.M. Gadomski. Local reactivity in space dependent dynamics of nuclear reactors Annals of Nucl.  Energy. N.9, 1982.

    A.M.Gadomski, M.Sujczynska. One-dimensional. computer simulator SYNDROM of WWER

core dynamics. IAEA Report, Research contract No 2702/RB, 1984.

    S.Boeriu, A,M,Gadomski, A.Gandini, General Perturbation Theory in static reactivity calculations.

    A.M. Gadomski. Information about System-Process-Goal Approach to diagnostics and

supervisory of nuclear reactor system..Materials of 19th Informal Meeting on Reactor Noises, Rome, June 1986.

    A.M. Gadomski. Application of System-Process-Goal Approach for description of TRIGA RC1 System. Proceedings of " 9th.  European TRIGA Users Conference ", Oct.,1986, Roma. Proceedings printed by GA  Technologies, TOC-19, USA. 1987, also the   ENEA Report RT TIB/88/2, 1988.

    T.Businaro, A.M.Gadomski, G.Meo, V.Nanni, G.Vialetto, Metodi Avanzati di Presentazione

delle Informazioni per Sistemi di Supervisione di Impianti Complessi ad Alto Rischio.

Tecniche dell'Automazione & Robotica, N.10, and N.11, 1988.

     A.M.Gadomski, V.Nanni. Design Criteria of TRIGA RC-1 Supervisory System: System-Process-Goal  (SPG) Approach.  ENEA, Internal Report, RTI/TIB (88) 12,C.R.E Casaccia, 1988.

            Software technologies                                                                                            

P. Fantoni, D. Roverso, M. Sepielli, P.C. Incalcaterra: "Application of Peano for Signal Validation In a Gas-Fuelled Cogeneration Plant". ISFI'2001, International ICSC Symposium on Intelligent Systems for  Industry, June 26, 2001, Paisley, Scotland.

           M. Sepielli, Virtual Reality for Decomissioning, ppt presentations (copied from the

           M. Sepielli's page):

            - RV per il Decomissioning

            -  Smantellamento_laboratori_caldi.

M. Sepielli, Italian Status Report, Innovative Nuclear Systems, IAEA Meeting, 2007. ppt

A.M. Gadomski. Virtual Technologies (VirT): a new perspective. e-paper (2004-7).

          The copies of some papers listed above are available yet in the Gadomski's Archive. For more  
          information see: http://erg4146.casaccia.enea.it/wwwerg26701/gad-pape.html

               Last papers & presentations                                                                      


           A. M. Gadomski, M. Sepielli, C. A. Kropp, A.Ratto. Super-Safety Concept in Nuclear  Integrated

           SafetyManagement: An example of on-line monitoring application to CRDM for operational safety

            5th HOLMUG Technical Working Group Meeting on “Nuclear Power Plant Control &

           Instrumentation” , Ringhals, Sweden, October 16-17. 2008 (ppt presentation-pdf).





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llustration of an accident:  Causes of the industrial accident at Mihama in Japan:  

From: Newsletter of EFN Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, 11th August 2004


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