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 High-Intelligence & Decision Research Group

(2001-May 2008),
Research Center Casaccia 


 HID is an open infromal virtual research group focused on  the essence of the key  science &  technology  factors of the modern information and knowledge society, i.e. on socio-cognitive intelligence and decision making of the natural and artificial societies. See HID mission.

  ENEA's Researchers & Collaborators:


  Adam Maria Gadomski
                                /Group Leader & Principal Investigator/
             - Intelligence & Socio-Cognitive Engineering
  Giovanni Dipoppa
                         -  Information & Knowledge Engineering
  Giordano Vicoli
                            -  Multi-agent Platform 
  Flavio Fontana 

                               - Multimedia, e-Learning, usability
  Fabio Musmeci

                      - Knowledge engineering, Sys. development


 Main International and National (1993-2007)
Scientific & Technological Collaborations


  Marta Olivetti BelardinelliProf.,Director of ECONA,
     Università  "La Sapienza",  Roma  (Cognition & 
     Psychological factors) - HAM project
  Andzej Straszak, Prof. ,Director of the Laboratory of 
      Management and Organization Systems, IBS-PAN
     (Institute of   Systems Research, Polish Academy of Science), CIMA 
  Paolo Petta, head of Intelligent Software Agents and 
     New Media, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial
     Intelligence  (ÖFAI), Univ.of Vienna.
  Franco Pestilli, The New York University, USA 
     (Human Cognitive Processes- )
    Massimiliano Schiraldi -  Università di Roma "Tor
       Vergata" (Operations Management , Indistrial Enhineering)

  Tomasz Adam Zimny - Lecturer-freelancer (risk, law,  ethics),

     Warsaw. Pl

  Alessandro Londei - ECONA,, Università  "La Sapienza", 

  Roma (Sub-symbolic Cognitive Science & Psychology)


 Students ( 2000-2007))

   Franco Pestilli         -Thesis - università "La Sapienza", 
                                                    Roma,  Faculty of Psychology,
                                    Laurea cum laude
   Alesandro Di Giulio -Thesis- università "La Sapienza", 
                                                    Roma,  Faculty of Psychology,
                                                    Social Psychology.          [Semin]

                           Max.quoted thesis
  Simona Mazzuca -Thesis-Università "La Sapienza",
                                                   Roma, Faculty of Sociology, 
                                                   Theory of Organization.    (Semin)
                                     Laurea cum laude
.  Antonietta Salvatore - Thesis - Università "La Sapienza", 
                                                    Roma,  Faculty of Psychology.
Andrea Caputo - Thesis  - Università "La Sapienza", Roma,
                                                  Faculty of Electronics Engineering

                            Max.quoted thesis

  Domenico Riccardi - Thesis - Università "Tor Vergata", Roma,

                                 Roma,  Faculty of Enterprise Engin.

                                     Laurea cum laude

  Pamela Sargenti -  Thesis  - Università "La Sapienza", Roma,

                                        Roma,  Faculty of Communication Sciences
                                      Laurea cum laude

* Some Collaboration Activity (Archive)

 Projects and Research  Domains:


    Current RTD  Projects






(2001) G.Vicoli,    A.Di Giulio,   A.M.Gadomski,   G.Dipoppa 


  Main Specialization Fields


       A) Knowledge, Information/ and Preferences acquisition 
          ( G.Dipoppa, with us: 2001-2008)

    • Knowledge Acquisition from the end-users,

    •  Domain Modelling and  Task Analysis
    •  Requirement Enginieering
    •  Formal methods 
      B) Development Software Agents Communication Platform
          ( G. Vicoli )
    • Software agent technology, client-server
    • UML graphical modelling tool
      C) Socio-Cognitive and Systemic Modelling for  intelligent 
       agents and decision support (A.M.Gadomski)
    • TOGA and engineering modeling methodologyI
    • Intelligent cognitive agents/inteerfaces
    • managerial/organization decision-making
    • metacognition and  reasoning management
    • large-scale high-risk critical systems. 
  Applications  and  Interests
  • large-scale emergency management
  • high-risk systems
  • large complex critical infrastructures
  • e-learning and m-learning
  • e-design support
  • human managerial errors
  • meta-modeling support and others
 Progress Reports

  HID-2002  Progress Report (for download) 

  HID-2005  Progress Report - Web page


  Initiatives & Expression of Interest

 -  "Hot News page
 -   HID Seminars Archive .l


  The cut edge EU  Project proposals recognized as too advanced/anticipatory yet by the FET evaluators:
 -   EMIR: Emergent Management Intelligence Reinforcement: 
      Socio-cognitive Modelling of Human, Organisation and  Computer ,
     for FET Open, 6FP. 2004 (proposal),

 -    MIRO: Managerial  Intelligence Reinforcement Operations (2005)
 -  Call for Partners:  MEFIT: Meta-Ethics Frameworks of ICT: 
      Socio-Cognitive Approach,.

 Some HID's Presentations :


  - Meta-Complexity, NEST- IDEA Seminar, Jun. 2004

  - Intelligent Infrastructure Networks, TOGA 

     Methodological Approach, EU Co-operating Objects 

       Workshop, Brussels, 23-24 June 2005:



  -  Complex Problem - One or more topologies?

       IRRIIS project , 10 Apr. 2006.


   - See also the CRESCO-SOC-COG Project pages.


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