HID  Student Pages (2003-2004)

ENEA, Research Center Casaccia

Andrea Caputo
ENEA's scholarship,
Università "La Sapienza", Roma,
                                                  Faculty of Electronics Engineering

 ... 2003-5: graduation student in electronic engineering at the Rome University "La Sapienza". His major interest is focused on:
 - application of intelligent agents technology ( IAT) for cognitive emergency-management decision-making support, 
 - incremental intelligence  building, and
 - development  and analysis of electronic devices in the microwave contest, 
 - simulation and optimization of superscalar architecture.

Caputo has participated in the works of the Ogranization Committee of the First International Workshop on Socio-Cognitive Engineering Foundations (SCEF-2003).

Publications, presentations

 A. Caputo, A.M.Gadomski, TOGA Meta-theory in Cognitive Proto-Intelligent Agents: Design Experiments. Preprints of  SCEF2003  (First  International Workshop on Socio-Cognitive Engineering Foundations and  Third Abstract Intelligent Agent International Round-Tables Initiative), Rome, 30 Sep. 2003 (in updating for the publication). 

 A. Caputo, A. M. Gadomski, F. Delli Priscoli. Top-Down Incremental Development of Agents' Architecture for Emergency Management Systems: TOGA methodology.HID, CAMO - ENEA Seminars Series. May 2005. (ppt)

Short  Note on the Thesis (2004)
His  thesis project was focused on the experimental computational illustration of the applicability of the TOGA methodology  to the  development of software socio-cognitive proto-intelligent agents in a top-down scalable manner. In this sense, the thesis discusses the TOGA approach to the artificial "incremental intelligence" development.
For the test-case, one proto-intelligent agent ( as a demo of one domain, domain-independent "reasoning" kernel for  intelligent decision support systems,  IDSS ).has been applied for the management of  emergency (high-risk) territorial and technological disaster situations.(
Max.quoted thesis)



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