HID Student Pages (alumni, 2002)

Short Biographical Note
Alessandro Di Giulio
  Graduated at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" 
Faculty of Psychology

... His specific contribution to the HID activity has been focused on the analysis and application of the emergent Chatterbot technology to the IPK prototype of the Cognitive Agent (http://erg4146.casaccia.enea.it/Cog-agent1.html).
The obtained results have been presented at the Seminar HID-ENEA, 2003.

 (Tesi di Laurea svolta nel quadro del tema ENEA "Una interfaccia cognitiva basata sulla teoria TOGA come supporto allí e-business" )

More information: 
Private Homepage, It

Publications, Presentations

A.M.Gadomski,A.Salvatore, A. Di Giulio. Case Study Analysis of Disturbs in Spatial Cognition: Unified TOGA Approach, Proc. of 2nd International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC2003), Rome, 24-27 November 2003. 29 Abstract . poster(pdf-895kb) . 

A. Di Giulio,  A.M.Gadomski. Chatterbot Cognitive Interface: Ergonomics and Usability in e-Business support, the ENEA- HID  Seminar material,  26  Feb. 2004, (Ppt presentation).

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