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Short Biographical Note
Flavio  FONTANA 
e-mail :fontana@casaccia.enea.it 

Flavio Fontana: graduated in nuclear engineering at the Rome University " La Sapenza".He is responsible for Usability Laboratory of the Calculation and Modelling Unit (CAMO) at ENEA, R.C. Casaccia. Currently, he also is a contract professor of Multimedia Databases at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He participated as a member and coordinator in  national projects and international initiatives (G7), such as, Telematics Applications Programme,  and SOPHOCLES His domain of the competence includes: usability modelling, advanced interfaces for Internet tele-conferencing, web-database applications, e-learning technologies as web-searching engines, and the design of large networked systems. His last special interests are focused on the application of agents as autonomous e-assistants for e-students and tutors. Author or co-author of several ENEA's technical reports and articles for national and international conferences. He organised and leads Usability Lab.
He  cooperates closely with  High-Intelligence and Decision Research Group. on the fields of intelligent e-learning and cognitive interfaces.

Selected papers:

Marina Moscarini,Flavio Fontana,Marcello Valeri. IVQS: a visual client system to query remote multimedia databases through the web with an iconic interface. http://www.netobjectdays.org/pdf/00/papers/jadb/valeri.pdf, 1995. 

Flavio Fontana. End Users Validation, Venus Interface: Extract Experimentation at ENEA's pilot site, VENUS Project, 2001,

Flavio Fontana, Giancarlo Bongiovanni, Stefano Borghetti. Site Explorer Server: An Integrated Client-Server Query System for Web Sites, 2001,
Flavio Fontana, Marina Moscarini.  An Advanced e-Learning Platform to Manage Virtual Courses and  Multimedia: MATRIX 3.  World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia  and Telecommunications (EDMEDIA),  Volume 2004, Issue 1, 2004.pps 272-274. [Online]. Abstract available.

Adam Maria Gadomski, Flavio Fontana. Agenti Cognitivi Semi-Intelligenti per Imprese Virtuali di  e-Learning: Applicazioni di Metodologia TOGA e Tecnologie Web Multimediali. AI*IA Notizie Vol. 1  (journal of l'Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale), pp.66., Marzo 2003.(abstract)

Flavio Fontana. e-Learning System Design and Socio-Cognitive Technologies. Preprints of the First International Workshop on Socio-Cognitive Engineering Foundations (SCEF-2003), Sept.30 - Oct.1. Rome, 2003.

Flavio Fontana. D. Tedesco  An Advanced Network Services and Multimedia for mobile e-learning in 
high-risk scenario: MATRIX HR MLEM 2004 - First International Workshop on  M-LEARNING FOR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, Bracciano, Rome, 6 July 2004.(in printing).(Ppt presentation). 

Last papers

Flavio Fontana, Daniele Vannicelli, U.Te.A.S (Usability TEsting Advanced Software): an Innovative System to Test the Usability Level of Learning Management Systems and On-line Courses. E-Learn 2007 AACE World Conference, Canada, Oct. 15-19, 2007  Quebec.

Flavio Fontana, David D'Arcangelo, Marco Di Domenico,Daniele Vannicelli. MATRIX MULTI-PLATFORM an e-Learning Environment to Manage Distributed Platforms and Heterogeneous Contents. E-Learn 2007 AACE World Conference, Canada, Oct. 15-19, 2007  Quebec .

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