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Short Biographical Note

    Fabio Musmeci got his degree in physics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza"  in 1980. He is a researcher at ENEA within the Department of Bio-Technologies. He is engaged in the large-scale modeling and development of  decision-support tools for the management of the sustainable development. He was a consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Magreb area and in Iloilo (Philippines) and a member, as scientific advisor, of Italian delegations on several UN CSD (Commission on Sustainable Development) meetings.
He has participated in the revision of the Italian National Plan for Sustainable Development on the request of the Italian government. 
In 1988 he founded the ASIA srl  (Advanced Informatic Application and Development company). During the period 1988-1995 he was an ASIA scientific director where he decided to focus on the development of new software decision-support tools based on different AI tecnologies such as expert systems, neural networks, virtual reality and multimedia, for environmental and agriculture applications.
His specific research interests are applications of software technologies for knowledge engineering: automata diagnosis, advanced programming methods and 3D modelling for the analysis and computer simulation of complex heterogeneous human-technology systems. Fabio Musmeci is a member of the System Dynamic Society and cooperates closely with the High-Intelligence and Decision Research Group of CAMO.


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