HID Student Pages (alumni, 2000)

Short Biographical Note

Franco Pestilli  

   Department of Psychology
The New York University  


I am currently a Ph.D. student in the program of Cognition & Perception at the Department of Psychology of the New York University, working with Marisa Carrasco (http://www.psych.nyu.edu/carrascolab/) on the effects of visual attention on early visual processes.  I have received my Laurea Degree cum Laude from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 2000. 
For my dissertation (sponsoed by ENEA), I have worked within the ENEA-ECONA  HAM  project, to develop  an AI model of decision making as a first prototype of the cognitive agent by applying the TOGA (http://erg4146.casaccia.enea.it/wwwerg26701/Gad-toga.htm) methodology and implementing the IPK (http://erg4146.casaccia.enea.it/wwwerg26701/gad-dict.htm) architecture.  In 2001 I have studied cognitive psychology and neural networks at the University of Rome La Sapienza within the program of ECONA (http://w3.uniroma1.it/econa/).  In 2002 I worked as Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Psychology of the Hunter College at the City University of New York (http://maxweber.hunter.cuny.edu/psych/). I also virtually cooperate  with the High-Intelligence and Decision Research Group.

Publications and conference presentations

M. Carrasco, T.Liu, & F.Pestilli, (2004, August). Transient attention increases performance and neuronal activity in an orientation discrimination task. European Conference on Visual Perception, Budapest, Hungary.
F. Pestilli, C.P.Talgar  & M.Carrasco,  (2004, May). Sustained attention enhances letter identification without affecting channel tuning. Vision Sciences Society, Sarasota, FL.
F. Pestilli & M.Carrasco, (2003, May) Contrast sensitivity is enhanced at cued and impaired at uncued locations. Vision Sciences Society, Sarasota, FL. http://journalofvision.org/3/9/862/
F. Pestilli, A. M.Gadomski, M.Olivetti-Belardinelli,  (2000, December). Route spatial representation of decisional problems: Application of TOGA framework to the modeling of cognitive agent. International Conference on Spatial Cognition: Scientific Research and Applications, Rome, Italy ( Prototype, Ppt presentation ).
F.Pestilli, (2000, December)Cognitive Modeling:  IPK Cognitive Agent.-Thesis in Italian (En.Index, IPK Cognitive Agent-Transparent Sheets - zip for download ).
F. Pestilli,
A. M.Gadomski, & M.Olivetti-Belardinelli, (1999) Approccio alla modellizzazione dei processi cognitivi: rapporti tra Psicologia e Scienze dell’Artificiale.Valentini Day della Facoltà di Psicologia, Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Roma (ppt presentation, italian -pdf).


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