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Short Biographical Note
straszak   Andrzej  STRASZAK

   Andrzej Leszek Straszak: Full Professor, D. Sc., Dr, Fields of Systems Research and Computer Sciences (Informatics), Management and Cybernetics. At Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor, EMIRFP 6 Project Leader. Author or co-author of 100 publication including 8 books. President Polish Operational and Systems Society since 1986. Member Polish Cognitive Sciences Society since 2000. Among others: Visiting professor at Imperial College London, London School of Economics, UMIST Manchester, EIASM Brussels and Head of International Research Team, Head of Management and Technology Area at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. Luxemburg, Austria (for 2 years). Since 2003 Dean. Department of Informatics. Wlodcowic University Plock, Poland. 
Some special interests: business intelligence, large-scale knowledge management, policy making, strategic decisions on national and organizational levels.
The cooperation with HID:The Research Initiative CIMA  (Computer Intelligent Managerial Advisorsfor High Risk Decision Support).

Among other international activities:

Sc. Board of MLEM-2004: M-Learning for Emergency Management First International Workshop, Rome, July, 2004.

Co-Chair of  First International Workshop on  Socio-Cognitive Engineering Foundations SCEF-2003 and AIA03
                   Round-Table, Rome,Sep.2003. 

Co-chair of the Special Session on Socio-Cognitive Engineering in  the Modelling of Business Intelligence, 
                   in conjunction with the BIS 2002 Conference. 2002. 

Co-chair of  Second International Round-table on Abstract Intelligent Agent: Situation Assessment, AIA'94,
                   Roma, Feb.1994. 

Co-chair of  First International Round-table on Abstract Intelligent Agent, AIA'93,   Roma Jan. 1993.

A. Straszak. Socio-Cognitive Engineering from the Viewpoint of the Eclectic and X-engineering Approach.
Preprints of SCEF2003  (First International Workshop on Socio-Cognitive Engineering Foundations and  Third Abstract Intelligent Agent International Round-Tables Initiative), Rome, 30 Sep. 2003 (in publishing). 

A.M.Gadomski, A.Straszak. Socio-Cognitive Engineering Paradigms  for  Business  Intelligence  Modelling: the TOGA  conceptualization. Proceedings of the 5th  Business Information System International Conference– BIS 2002,  Poznan, Poland, April 24-25, 2002  (Abstract). 

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