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vic   Giordano VICOLI 

  Giordano VICOLI, the degree in Electronic Engineering with Informatics specialization(l'Università degli Studi di Ancona nel 1986) .  For several years developer of  software  applications running in main-frame environment. Since 1988 with ENEA,  works as researcher with special focus on advanced technologies in software engineering.  He has participate in numerous  European or National projects, recently among others in:

- SOPHOCLES (EUREKA- ITEA) - System level develOpment Platform based on HeterOgeneous models and Concurrent  LanguagEs for System applications implementation, 2001-20'03. 

- SAFEGUARD (6FP-IST Project ) - Intelligent Agents Organization for protecting Large-Scale Complex Critical 
  Infrastructures, 2001-2004. 

- IRRIIS (6FP-IST Project ) - Integrated Risk Reduction of Information-based Infrastructure Systems, 2006-2008.

The  projects results are  presented at  various conferences and workshops. His expertise especially refers to the advanced software languages and environments, such as, for instance:LISP, Object Pascal (Delphi), JAVA,
J2EE (Servlet, JSP, EJB, JMS etc), CORBA, XML.
In frame of the long strategy of the HID Research Group,  Vicoli's  specific interests are focused on the development of multi-agent platforms, distributed architectures and design and testing of agent-based networking for different-purpose virtual enterprise prototypes. 

More information are available in Italian

Last publications 

G. Dipoppa, A.M.Gadomski, G.Vicoli ,Intelligent Advisor: Cognitive User Friendly Interaction.  The ITEA-SOPHOCLES Project Meeting , WP1 Technical Report. Rome Feb.2002. 

A.M.Gadomski,G. Dipoppa,  G. Vicoli. Refinement of Methodology, Concepts and Techniques: Cognitive and Web Based Technologies for Intelligent Cognitive Advisor, The ITEA-SOPHOCLES Project Meeting, Rome  Sophocles, WP2. Tech. Report, 06, 2002.

 A.M.Gadomski G. Dipoppa,  G. Vicoli. ICA - Intelligent Cognitive Advisor Test Cases for Demo Version 01  A. Di Giulio.  The Second  European  IPK  Workshop. Gennevilliers, France, November  22, 2002. 

S. Bologna, C. Balducelli, G. Dipoppa. G.Vicoli . Dependability and Survivability of Large Complex Critical Infrastructures. The Proc. of  22nd International Conference  on  Computer Safety, Reliability and Security. Edinburgh, UK, 23-26 September 2003.

S. Bologna, C. Balducelli, G. Dipoppa, A. M. Gadomski, G. Vicoli. Estendere le capacità di sopravvivenza delle infrastrutture critiche. Proc. of  Convegno Scientifico Nazionale - S I C U R E Z Z A  N E I  S I S T E M I  C O M P L E S S I - Bari, 16 17 Ottobre 2003.

G. Vicoli. Architetture a componenti Java per la realizzazione di DSS distribuiti. Seminario CAMO " I Sistemi di Supporto alle Decisioni dalla gestione delle crisi e delle emergenze industriali a quelle di tipo informatico". ENEA, RC Casaccia, 28 Ottobre 2003ppt presentation.




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