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Short Biographical Note



   Tomasz Adam Zimny



    ENEA's Fellowship (2007/8)


My main areas of interest are law and philosophy, especially the relations between normative systems and advanced technologies. I obtained  master level in law, at the Cardinal Stephen Wyszynski University in Warsaw. My  thesis was devoted to the protection of biotechnological inventions in European Union. For this thesis I have obtained a prize in a competition organized by the Polish Patent Office.  I am also finalizing my philosophical studies at the Warsaw University, I work on a master thesis in ethics, about the ethical and legal problems related to the risk and the Precautionary Principle on the specific field of stem cell research.


The cooperation with ENEA follows from my more general interest in the nature and consequences of human decisions in the presence of existing or plausible social, environmental and technological threats. In particular, my work in the FIM department (the ENEA's Project: Governo e della Sicurezza delle Grandi Reti Tecnologiche and the national Italian  CRESCO-SOC-COG sub-project) relies on the research  focused on the systemic modeling  which could enable to model formally  the relation between  risk management and the applicability of the Precautionary Principle (PP), in particular from the point of view of normative (legal, ethical) constrains. The presented approach  requires the application of  a generic model of abstract intelligent agent  as an individual or group decision-maker.

The systemic socio-cognitive engineering perspective enables to assemble my previous experiences related to safety, normative and decisional aspects in: law, ethics and advanced technologies, and other insufficiently explored, yet high-risk domains of human activity.


- By the way, in the  modern, global and knowledge society, a conscious modeling  and computational formalization of the properties and usability of PP, may also become an inevitable top application of Precautionary Principle.


My keywords

law, ethics, biotechnology, risk, patents, modeling, decision-making.


Presentations and courses

2004 – Lecturer in a programme: Raising Knowledge on Environment and Biosafety; Transition Facility 2004/016-829.03.01

2004 – Translation from English to Polish version of an educational movie Genes on the Menu United Nations Environment Programme, Support to the Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework GFL/2716 – 02 – 4531 (PMS:3010-02-05).

2005 - Lecturer; courses organised under the Genetically Modified Plant – Network, financed by the V Framewok Programme

2006 - Lecturer; Introduction of an Electronic Mortgage System, PHARE PL2003/004-379/01.11 Zintegrowany system katastralny – Faza III


 2000 – T. Zimny, Polish regulations of issues connected with GMOs, Trans-European Resource for Research and Agriculture (journal), Technical University, Munich

2004 – B. Janik,  T.Zimny, Instructions for individuals who intend to use GMOs, under United Nations Environment Programme, Support to the Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework GFL/2716 – 02 – 4531 (PMS:3010-02-05)

2007 – A. Dalbiak,  J. Zimny, T. Zimny Krajowe uregulowania prawne z zakresu GMO. In „Organizmy Zmodyfikowane Genetycznie”. Wyd. PZITS. S.132-146

2007 J. Zimny, T. Zimny, Akty Prawne regulujące wytwarzanie i stosowanie GMO. In „Organizmy Zmodyfikowane Genetycznie”. Wyd. PZITS. S.109-131

 2007 –  T. A. Zimny, A.M. Gadomski, The Precautionary Principle in Risk Assessment and Management:  a Socio-Cognitive Perspective .(e-presentation paper)  - extended  version of the FIM-CAMO seminar stuff.

 2008  – A.M. Gadomski, T. A. Zimny, Risk and Precautionary Principle in Managerial Decision-Making: the TOGA Meta-theory Socio-cognitive Perspective The abstract accepted for  the ESREL 2008 & 17th SRA Europe Meeting Valencia, Spain, 22 - 25 September 2008.  http://www.sraeurope.org/