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     the study of Risk  in Human Organizations

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   The research contributions include the application of the TOGA meta-theory to the socio-cognitive engineering modeling of:  risk and vulnetability and their manahement  in different intelligent based systems and soc-cog inderdependency  in LCCI (Large Complex Critical Infrastructures) networks.


  They are  focused on the meta-knowledge of the problem.

  The activity is a part of strategic studies of  Supper-Safety and Management of Ignorance.   (Adam Maria Gadomski)

 List of the contributions

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[   ]Possibilities and utility of EMERGENCY GAMES-7.pdf                  27-Oct-2006 12:30  2.4M 

[   ] IRR-SYNTEX-Simulator: Functional -Architecture proposal..>       23-May-2006 15:08  690K 
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[   ] Conference:  SRA98a-off.pdf  (risk-modeling references)                24-Apr-2006 22:27  558K 
[   ] Design Functional topology:  Topology-Gad-IRRIIS                       18-Apr-2006 14:06  664K 
[   ] User modelling - Um98-TISGI-rep.pdf           (references)              16-May-2006 16:48   58K 
[   ] Organizational Vulnerability -CNIP Workshop. Poster.. ( A:M. Gadomski)  12-Apr-2006 14:32  584K 

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 "Precautionary Principle in Risk Assessment and Management:  a Socio-Cognitive Perspective"

 Tomasz Adam Zimny (  ENEA's Fellow, Warsaw University),  Adam Maria Gadomski (ENEA, ECONA)
 9 November 2007, 10:30,
 ENEA, R.C. Casaccia. C59, first flour


The presentation includes the state of the arts related to the Precautionary Principle, its possible applicability and utility, and the information about the ongoing work related to the formal ontological framework of large-scale Risk Assessment and Management extended by the real-world socio-cognitive Precautionary Principle application.

In particular, the presentation refers to:
- Idea and history of Precautionary Principle (PP)
- PP approach in relation to the vulnerabilities of technological/engineering Risk Assessment and  Management
- Application aspects of  Precautionary Principle in socio-cognitive decision-making modeling, PP and  managerial  intelligence
- PP in the case of Large Complex Critical Infrastructures networks management.

The research activity is performed in frame of the CRESCO-SOC-COG subproject  and relates to  the EU IRRIIS project interest (see also IRRIIS-org).

Contact persons: Adam M. Gadomski , phone 06 3048-3404
                          Tomasz A. Zimny, phone 
06 3048-4367

Post-seminar doc: e-Presentation paper ( extended ppt version).

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