"Science is like sex: sometimes something useful comes out, but that is not  the reason we are doing it" (R. Feyman)


See the workshop  programme.

Discount Hotels in Rome
                   Information about a hotel 
Location of the workshop

Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies
Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione (ISTC)


                           Viale Marx 15, 00137 Roma

1. Hotel near ISTC
Hotel Carlo Magno (3 stars)
Via Sacco Pastore,13
Tel. 06/8603982
Prices: Single    95
         Double  110
Directions:   To get to the Institute the guests will have to go to Piazza
Sempione (which is at 200-300 metres away), then take the bus n.311 heading
towards  "Rebibbia"; then  get off at Viale Kant, at the crossroads with
Viale Marx.

2  You can book
Hotel Villa Glori, phone: +39 06 3227 658, or e-mail:, 
viale del Vignola 28, Roma (if you make reference to "Gadomski- ENEA", then you should have a special treatment).

Instructions to reach the hotel  from Fiumicino airport:
-  take the train to FARA SABINA (frequency ~15 minutes); get off at the Tuscolana stop.
-  go to the PONTE LUNGO metro station and take the train toward BATTISTINI (frequency ~6 minutes); 
   get off  at the FLAMINIO stop.
-  take the tram number 2 (direction PINTURICCHIO) and get off after three stops (ANKARA/TIZIANO stop). 
-  walk for ~400 meters.

Instruction to go from hotel Villa Glori to theWorkshop place 

Directions: From there the guests will need to get the bus n. 910 which
goes to the Railway station called Termini. From there they'll need to get
the underground "Metro B"  heading towards Rebibbia, and get off at the
station called   "Ponte Mammolo". There they will get the bus n. 341
towards V.le Kant (ask the bus driver) and get off at the crossroads  with
Viale Marx.

See the workshop programme.

    The maps with Hotel Villa Glori,localization is attached bellow.

 See the workshop programme.

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