International Research Collaborations

Scientific and Technical Visit at IBS, Warsaw, 
in frame of  the Scientic Project CIMA : Computer Intelligent Managerial Advisor.

- Specification of the possible collaborations conditions
- Scientific meetings  related to modern systemic approaches, socio-cognitive engineering and soft computing.
- Seminar "Intelligent Cognitive System Engineering", 28 September 2001, 10:00,   by Adam Maria Gadomski

 A.M.Gadomski(It) Janusz Kacprzyk(Pl) Andrzej Straszak(Pl), 
System Research Institute IBS-PAN

Common Activities and Initiatives

-  Organization of the Special Session of   BIS'2002: SOCIO-COGNITIVE ENGINEERING IN THE
MODELLING OF BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE , Poznan, Poland,  April 24-25, 2002.

EoI : EMIR  Emergent Management Intelligence Reinforcement: Socio-cognitive Modelling of Human, Organisation and Computer High-Intelligent Decision-Making  - proposal

Common publications:

A.M.Gadomski, A.Straszak. Socio-Cognitive Engineering Paradigms  for  Business  Intelligence  Modelling: the TOGA conceptualization. Proceedings of the 5th    Business Information System International Conferenceľ BIS 2002,  Poznan, Poland, April 24-25, 2002  (Abstract). 

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