Cog-SOPH Strategic Lines 
The Cog-SOPH Strategic Lines have been
defined according to the requirements of the 
ITEA-Sophocles  project.
The figure below illustrate the domain of 
intervention of  the project and the domain of 

Main Initial Steps:

   1. Identification of the domain of intervention
   2. Definition of the objectives and their range
   3. Definition of strategy and milestones
   4. Creation of  an ENEA's  intervention research 

   The leading documents of this subproject:

   1. Dec. 1999:  ITEA Full Proposal "SOPHOCLES", 
   2. Apr. 2000:   ENEA's Proposal "SOPHOCLES"  for 
   3. June 2001:  Intelligent Cognitive  Advisor for Advanced
             COG-SOPHOCLES    PDF.ZIP  file,  
        presented at  the SOPHOCLES Tech. Co-ord. Committee Meeting,


  Contribution of the HID Research Group:
-  Creation of the IPK WorkGroup  
   End-users Work-group for IPK  
   ( Information, Preference, Knowledge) 
   Acquisition, in frame of the SOPHOCLES

-  First IPK Interest Group Meeting, Rome, 
  April  2002, Italy

- Second International IPK Interest Group
   Meeting in  Grennevilliers, 
   November  2002, France.


 HID R.Group
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