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       Adam Maria Gadomski
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Adam Maria Gadomski, physicist, MSc in nuclear physics at the Warsaw University (1967), doctor degree recognized by the Rome University "La Sapienza". He is the author/co-author of about 130 research papers and documented conference presentations, an expert ISO/IEC in information and learning technology,  member of different international boards. He serves, as a chair and program com. member of scientific conferences related to Intelligent Decision Support Systems, intelligent agents, system science and risk management.
Since 1984 with ENEA ( Italian Research Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment). He is  ENEA's principal researcher in the field of  Knowledge and Meta-knowledge Management and Intelligent Socio-Cognitive Systems and especially involved in EU and national RTD projects focused on RTD human-centered large-scale emergency/disaster/crisis managerial decision-making.
Before in Poland: 20 years research experience in nuclear reactor dynamics modeling, reactor safety, numerical calculations and fundaments of computer science; Assistant Professor, head of Identification and Diagnostic Lab. at the Institute of Atomic Energy (Swierk); in parallel, coordinator of the Computer-System Project for the Polish National Center of Oncology (Warsaw), president of the Committee for Computer Application in Oncology, and others. 
His theoretical studies on  domain-independent meta-modeling are directly employed in numerous projects     (from non-linear real-time nuclear reactor numerical calculations and computational physics experiments to the identification of research medical centers, design distributed information support systems, industrial and territorial emergency management , and intelligent agents' organization for survivability of large complex critical  infrastructures).
Gadomski's current interest is focused on systemics generalization and socio-cognitive formal integration of theoretical interdisciplinary works with the practice, high-intelligence modeling, meta-cognition (management of reasoning processes), managerial decision-making under high-risk, business and organization  intelligence enhancement /reinforcement, as well as, on the foundations of  the strategic research in  Socio-Cognitive Engineering Among other innovative ideas and solutions, he is the author of  a  proposal of the  first meta-theoretical framework of the unified global knowledge ordering meta-theory TOGA (1990-93) - holistic and teleological together, and the universal IPK architecture for every multi-agent cognitive  problem-independent structural intelligence. In particular, he is engaged in the TOGA  use  
for different new emergent real-world  problems, such as, intelligent agents ethics, human organization vulnerability,  socio-cognitive-technology  nettworks, complexity and  computational philosophy (see for ex.Cresco-Soc-Cog project).

Since June 2008 he is with the Dep. of Fusion, Technologies and Nuclear Presidium - ENEA,  where his theoretical experience is involved in the definition and specification of Nuclear Integrated Safety Management (NISM), and super-safety conditions for nuclear plants systems.

He is the leader of High-Intelligence & Decision Research Group and international MIINS Managerial Intelligence & Integrated Nuclear Safety group (in organization).


Adam Maria Gadomski is mentioned in: 

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In frame of not professional interests, he is co-founder (1997) and multi-year president of the Roman Italo-Polish Association (AIPRO - see Google) and a member of the Directive Board of the Federation of Polish and Italo-Polish organizations (ZGPwW) in Italy.

         Activity in frame of the international scientific community                                            

            Long term:

          Short term ( & at present):

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         2002-2003:          Before 2002 , among others:
  • Sc.Board: The Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology(IAT-2001)
  • Sc.Board: International Symposiums "From Agent Theory to Agent Implementation" AT2AI'2000, Vienna 2000. 
  • Sc.Board: International Symposiums "From Agent Theory to Agent Implementation" AT2AI'1998, Vienna 1998 
  • General Chair of  Second International Round-table on Abstract Intelligent Agent: Situation Assessment, AIA'94, Roma, Feb.1994.
  • General Chair of  First International Round-table on Abstract Intelligent Agent, AIA'93,   Roma Jan. 1993.

Full CV  is available only for professional purposes on the personal request.


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