March-August  2004
No. 3-4
International Quarterly
Intelligent  Socio-Cognitive Systems 
Meta-Knowledge & Intelligence Engineering
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...Educating Instead of Medicating

July 6, 2004

July 5,6, 2004

MLEARN2004 International Conference, Bracciano, Italy :
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July 27-30, 2004. The 7th World Conf. on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, SCI2004,  USA
Sep.20-24, 2004 IEEE/WIC/ACM - International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology  (IAT'04) and Intelligent Network
Sep..8-11, 2004

Sep..9-10, 2004


Dynamic Ontology  An Inquiry into Systems, Emergence, Levels of Reality, and Forms of Causality
   (Faculty of Sociology, Trento University)

"Mind and Complexity"  Rome, Italy,,

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UMBC AgentNews
. Cognitive Science: A Multidisciplinary Journal: Cognitive Science is the official journal of the Cognitive
   Science Society, Inc.
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Interesting Projects & Initiatives
A-MAZE , a NEST-IDEA proposal,.
"The main objective of NEST-IDEA is to mobilize scientific community and provide assistance in setting up and organizing the NEST implementation in Europe. These objectives will be reached by:
  • Exploring new ideas 
  • Mapping the best scientific centres in Europe, in particular unknown small research groups 
  • Contacting and networking research groups around concepts in new and emerging scientific and technological 

  •     areas 
  • Assisting in consortia organisation and proposal elaboration for preparing unconventional projects"
  • " The aim of the project is to create the platform of cooperation for researchers studying complexity and representing large scope: from pure mathematicians developing advanced theories and strong tools, through applied mathematicians working in specific fields close to other sciences or converting abstraction to real life problems, to researchers from all branches of science: physics, economy, chemistry, biology, cognitive sciences, etc., who use mathematics and often create new fields of activity for mathematicians. ...
    Synergy of wide spectrum of expertise should result in new ideas, research projects and stable cooperation of European research groups leading to Joint European. Science Initiative."

    MEFIT - It is an EoI: Meta-Ethics Frameworks of IT,Socio-Cognitive Approach
    " After the technological, organizational and economic barriers in the development of European society, the next problem which has to be faced is updating the concept of ethics. It has to be done by its re-definition in congruence with the emerging autonomy of new technological and socio-technological artefacts. We mention only: social risks related to the Internet e-mail navigation, intrusions and misinformation; social disequilibria between individual power of a citizen and administrative and legal power of large organizations armed in modern information technology. We intend to demonstrate the business value of new socio-technological ethics. The academic and business research activity in this matter are well seen on the Web but we intend to apply a new systemic socio-cognitive methodology in order develop such theoretical and modelling framework which will be able to activate a normative response of European stakeholders and policymakers."  - A.M.Gadomski, 2003

    MKM - management of everything which is common and necessary for every knowledge, it is knowledge about knowledge, especially refers to theories building and  to operations on knowledge.
    Remark: ... but it is not referred to information about knowledge
    Management - goal-oriented activity which acts not directly in the goal domain but on subordinated autonomous entities with roles of informers and executors (UMP).

                  Article at a glance, copied from:
    Creating a knowledge culture
    Ask a group of senior executives if they regard knowledge
     management as very important to the success of a company.
    Most will enthusiastically say that they doa response befitting
    one of the trendiest topics in management circles. Yet thinking
    that knowledge management is crucial and knowing what to do
     about it are very different. 
    A McKinsey survey of 40 companies in
     Europe, Japan, and the United States showed that many
     executives think that knowledge management begins and ends
     with building sophisticated information technology systems.

                The take-away
                  Effective knowledge management goes beyond information technology or special, one-time efforts.
                 Successful companies (as reckoned by financial and other performance indicators) set ambitious
                  goals for product development and process innovation and provide a range of financial and
                  nonfinancial incentives for employees who share knowledge with colleagues. 

                The full text of this article

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    About Meta-Complexity (ppt) [ 1298.0 KB ]: 2004-07-08 Adam Maria Gadomski  Toward the Identification of the Real-World Meta-Complexity     "Interdisciplinarity in Research", Warsaw,  June 22, 2004.

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