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Subject: Fw: SAFEGUARD
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 17:56:18 +0100

Hi everyone

If SAFEGUARD is going to run then we do need input from everyone as soon as possible. I have a certificate to submit electronically so we don't need paper copies - but realistically I need everything by the end of next week:
- comments and input to Part C attached.
- your Part A stuff.
Please send both types of input to me - for Part A I would prefer the Protool form but if you can't do then a PDF will do (although then there will be a delay because I will have to email you back with the protool output to ensure that it is correct).
I will regard receipt of Part A input as authority for us to submit.



please note new domain name:

Prof Laurie Cuthbert
Dept of Electronic Engineering
Queen Mary, University of London
London E1 4NS, UK
 Tel: +44 20 7882 5333
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Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 16:21:23 +0200
From: Sandro Bologna <>

Dear Safeguard Potential Partners,


QUEEN MARY has agreed to act as Project Coordinator for the SAFEGUARD Project.

A one day meeting among all potential partners is fixed for Monday, April 9th, in Rome. The meeting could be
extended to Tuesday for the Proposal Writers, if possible.
The meeting will start at 10.00 in the morning. A detailed Agenda of the meeting will be distributed by QUEEN MARY.

The place of the meeting will be  ENEA´s Head Office, at the following address:

ENEA - Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie, l'Energia e l'Ambiente - Lungotevere Grande Ammiraglio Thaon di Revel, 76 - ROMA
(just in front olimpic stadium on the other side of the Tiber river)

Suggested hotel at walking distance from the meeting place is:
Hotel Villa Glori
Via B. Celentano, 11
Tel: +39-06-3227658
Fax: +39-06-3219495
The price under the name of ENEA should be:
Single 155.000 It. Lit.
Double 250.000 It. Lit.

Please find below a few key information and the action plan for the Proposal preparation:

1. Key dates
Just to remind it, the proposal has to be in Brussels by 25th april, 5:00 pm.
Pre-registration of the proposal is also required. This is done by fax and allows getting the proposal number.
The deadline for pre-registration is 11th april.

2. Consortium composition
The consortium includes 7 potential partners from 4 different countries (IT, SP, UK, SE) providing a good
coverage in terms of interests and competencies:

Red Electrica, Antonio DIU,  +34-93-4430861,, end-user
ENEL, (????????????????) end-user
ENEA, Adam GADOMSKI, +39-06-30483404,, methodologies and prototyping
CESI, Alberto STEFANINI , +39-02-21255021,, Emanuele CIAPESSONI, +39-02-21255766,, methodologies and prototyping
QUEEN MARY, Prof. John BIGHAM,  +44-20-78825350,,
methodologies and prototyping
Linköping University, Prof. Simin NADJM-TEHRANI, +46-13-28 24 11,,
methodologies and prototyping
Applicaciones an Informatica Avanzata (AIA), Carlos Lopez ULLOD,, Technology Provider

3. Proposal structure and responsabilities
As usual, the proposal includes three parts:
- Part A, administrative forms
- Part B, technical description and workplan
- Part C, European added value, consortium and exploitation
Given the short time available for proposal preparation, this work is shared by ENEA (Dr. ADAM M.GADOMSKI
( and QUEEN MARY (Prof. JOHN BIGHAM ( as follows:
- QUEEN MARY is responsible for asking contributions to and assembling PartA and PartC
- ENEA is responsible for asking contributions to and assembling PartB, interacting directly with QUEEN MARY.
QUEEN MARY will be also responsible to:
- pre-register and get the proposal number
- finally deliver the complete proposal to Brussels
For any detail or clarification about the structure and preparation of the proposal, the official Guide for Proposer
(Part 1 and Part 2A) can be downloaded from Cordis at

4. Contributions from partners
All partners are asked to contribute to the various parts of the proposal. The types of input required and procedure
for delivery are as follows.
Part A
Contributions to Part A shall be sent to QUEEN MARY and include:
- one Form A3 per partner, containing the partner's information
- one line per partner in Form A4, containing the detailed costs for the partner
Attached you'll find the complete set of Part A forms in PDF format (file: xxx.pdf) together with an accompanying guide
(file: xxx.pdf).
Please note that in Form A3 the fields "partner number" and "proposal number" should be left empty.
The appropriate codes will be inserted by QUEEN MARY.
Form A3 with original signature from the partner should also be sent to QUEEN MARY by courier (according to the rules
of the current call, the signed forms should be kept by the coordinator).
Part B
Inputs to Part B shall be sent by email to ENEA (Dr. Adam GADOMSKI (, according to
the draft version of Part B and the instructions circulated by ENEA. ENEA will interact directly with QUEEN MARY
to finalise PARTB.
Part C
Contributions to Part C shall be sent by email to QUEEN MARY, according to the draft version of Part C that you find in Attachment.

5. Milestones in the preparation process
Overall, the main dates for proposal preparation have been defined as follows.
- 9 april final decision about Consortium based to the participation at the meeting in Rome and partners contributions to Part A, B and C
- 9 april pre-registration of proposal
- 12 april first integrated version of proposal will be circulated by QUEEN MARY
- 18 april comments and missing contributions from partners (Part B and C)
- 20 april final complete version of proposal
- 22 april proposal delivered to Brussels

6. Requested contributions and deadlines
The following contributions are requested from partners, according to the deadlines specified below:
deadline         input                                                         from                                                to
9 april           contributions to Part B and C, as specified in the format of both parts  All               ENEA (Part B)
                                                                                                                                                                      QUEEN (Part C)
9 april            copy of Form A3                                                                 All                                               QUEEN
10 april          Estimated costs (one line in Form A4) (by fax)              All                                                QUEEN
12 april       First version of proposal circulated for comments        QUEEN                                          All
18 april      Comments and missing contributions to first version        All                                       ENEA, QUEEN
                   original Form A3, signed by the partner (by courier)         All                                           QUEEN
20 april        Final version of Part B                                                         ENEA                                        QUEEN

As we all know, the time until the dealine for submission of the proposal is very limited, therefore is
vital for a successfull proposal preparation that all partners do their best to provide their contributions
in time.

Best wishes

Sandro Bologna
Attached files:
Dr. Sandro Bologna
ENEA CR-Casaccia
Via Anguillarese, 301
00060 Roma
Tel.: +39-06-30483708
Fax: +39-06-30486511
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Sent: June 2001
Subject: GOOD NEWS


Very good news about our Project proposal SAFEGUARD. ...

1) SAFEGUARD is at the first place in the shortlist of approved projects, with approval of the full budget.

2) John Bigham should receive an official letter very very shortly.

3) Preparation of the Contract Preparation Forms (CPF) should start immediatly.

4) Negotiation could start last week of June.

5) Bruxelles would like to finish negotiation in July.


Best regards.

Sandro Bologna.