July 4, 5, 6, 2004
Odescalchi Castle
July 6, 2004

Plenary Conference Sessions
"Il Granaio"



Mobile Learning for Emergency  Management 

Odescalchi Castle, Room "Sala dei Trofei"

  9:30  MLEM - Theoretical Frameworks Session 
                                                                                                Chair V. Andersen 
– Emergency, Decision-Making and  m-Learning: Socio-cognitive Factors 
             A.M.Gadomski. ENEA, & ECONA, It
- M- Learning in Extreme Situations ...
             G.DaBormida, Giunti Lab., It
- Management of Novelties through Mobile Learning Resources 
             C. Balducelli, ENEA & TIEMS, It
Coffee break
                   10:30  Plenary Conference
                      Exploring future learning paradigms: Will m-learning survive 
                      T.H Brown, Deputy.Dir., University of Pretoria, S-th Africa
11:30  MLEM - Possible Solutions & Usability Session, I
                                                                                              Chair  C.Balducelli
-   A Mobile First Aid Training System for Training Doctors in Stabilizing 
     Casualties On-Site.
            V. Andersen, Risø National Laboratory, Denmark.
-  Virtual Planning of Operations in Hazardous Environments, 
                M. Sepielli, ENEA.
-   A new model for the M-learning emergency scenario in risk contexts: 
    the emergency operator 
              A. Moreno  S. Grande, ENEA,
12:30  Plenary Conference
m-Learning for Mobile Workers
Ch. von Koschembahr,  IBM, USA
 Lunch =============================================
14:30  MLEM - Possible Solutions & Usability Session II
                                                                                          Chair   M.Sharples 
  An Advanced Network Services and Multimedia for mobile e-learning in
     high-risk scenario: MATRIX HR
                   F.  Fontana, D. Tedesco, ENEA.
-   Environment pollution dynamic calculation by means of mobile sensor
                   M. Alvisi, TEA
-  An Integrated Architecture to Support Partially Skilled Operators in 
     Emergency Conditions
                  U. Annunziata, R.Spagn, G. Proietti. It

15:30 Round-Table Debate Session
                                                                                      Moderator: A.M. Gadomski 
Human  m-Learning Errors: Organizational Emergency Management versus Individual m-Learning Add for Accidents and Extreme Situations Management

16:00  End of the Workshop and Coffee and Tea break, tour of posters and exhibition
16.30  Guided tour to the ENEA's National  Research Centre Casaccia, see:

19.30 - 21.30
Post-conference “get-together” dinner in the typical restaurant "Il Pescatore" on the lake.

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