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Reliability of Operators in Human-Machine-Environment Aggregates
A contribution to the Italian Project MICA D related to an integrated modeling of hardware/software/human components of  plant control room systems: methodologies for safety and reliability.

The activity is focused on a preliminary study of the human mental errors of industrial operators involved in the control and supervisory of high-risk complex technological systems. It deals with the identification of human mental errors and  possibilities of their mitigation through an application of intelligent computer decision support systems.


Expected Results

An indication and the preliminary analysis of the mental functions and tasks which could be supported or executed by IDSSs (Intelligent Computer Decision Support Systems).

Some References

- Adam Maria Gadomski, Safety and Reliability of Human-Machine Systems, I . Lectures of ISA - EUNET . 1999. (new localization)

- Adam Maria Gadomski, HUMAN-MACHINE INTERACTION, II: cognitive agent and system engineering perspective (1999) , e-presentation paper (ppt)



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