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 Abstract Intelligent Agents is a  newsgroup focused on the modeling problems of abstract intelligent agents, i.e. independent from their domain of activity, physical and software realizations, as well as, on currently realized prototypes.
It is not a motivation for what is currently done and a spectrum of the currently available agent technologies but a contribution to a general conceptual framework.
An abstract intelligent agent should integrate essential rational and emotional properties of  intelligent agents
Abstract intelligent agent (AIA) modeling  can provide a common language and conceptualization frames for identification, design and interpreting processes which can be understood by the different parties involved in agent technologies, cognitive sciences and organization management. Such a "common language" should enable groups such as scientists, software engineers, managers, policy makers and regulators to communicate on equal terms even though their objectives, domain knowledge and methodologies may be different.

This kind of platform, may be not only very useful but it will be essential for the future of  intelligent agents technology, knowledge management and information society, in general.
All which are interested in the active contribution to the AIA (Abstract Intelligent Agent) mailing list are welcome.

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  since 12 Nov.1998
Short contribution to this topic is  in the  paper presented at the Second International Round Table on Abstract Intelligent Agent: Situation Assessment, AIA94. Rome, 25-27 February 1994
["Abstract Intelligent Agent, 2"  published by ENEA, Rome, October 1995].

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