From ENEA's ERG-ING-TISGI activities (1997/8)  
IDA Project
Intelligent Decision Advisor

RTD Objective: Development of a simple prototype of Intelligent Decision Support System for Industrial Emergency Operators based on Multi-Agent Architecture

Application context: GEMINI-MINDES Initiative 

MICA Program, Activity

Objectives and Methods

The objective of this activity is the development of an Intelligent Decision-Support System demo-prototype which should base on the theoretical foundations of intelligent agents and available software technologies. The IDA system should be capable to suggest intervention actions to emergency managers  adequate to:
- system decision-support general goal;  an elimination and mitigation of  emergency states,
- inserted intervention-goals related to various managerial roles, domains, and resources of intervention,
- available knowledge; related to various managerial roles, domains and resources of intervention
- current situation assessed..
An intelligent agent (considered as a system kernel) should be a MAS (three agent system) and should have simplified following functions:  modification of  intervention goals,  planned intervention, and learning from experience.

For the above task, we are going to exame and integrate various AI technologies, methods and methodologies, such as:

Test Case: An emergency management scenario in an industrial oil port (MUSTER Case).

Organizations and Humans Involved:

C.Balducelli, G. Di Costanzo, A.M.Gadomski, R.Iannucci
IRST Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica ,  Reasoning for Decision Support Group :
Anna Perini  Luca Senter  Tel: +39-461-314 330 , Fax : +39-461-302.040,  email:
Francesco Ricci, at present:   -Tel 0461-316242, Fax 0461-316201  - , , via Zambra 1 38100 Trento, before Oct.1998:  IRST, Loc. Pante' di Povo, 38050 Trento, Italy .
Universita di Roma "La Sapienza" :
Marco Schaerf:  : Tel. +39-6-49918332,
Andrea Schaerf  : Tel. +39-6-49918485,, Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica,   Fax +39-6-85300849, Universita` di Roma "La Sapienza", via Salaria 113, I-00198 Roma, Italy
ENEA's Students' Thesis (will be added)

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The project effort has been concentrated on the development of simple situation-assessment and intervention planning functions.

Current IDA architecture is based on three simple agents: DirectAdvisor, InformationProvider and Planner.
The research has also been focused on  the cognitive  architecture of the system,
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Some Current Results

         System Specification Research
         [1]  C.Balducelli, G.DiConstanzo, A.M.Gadomski, R.Iannucci, Requisiti Funzionali per un Sistema
               Intelligente di Supporto alle Decisioni nel campo della Gestione delle Emergenze. The Enea 
               Report 2GE4C,1997.

         [2]  A. Perini, L..Senter, F.Ricci. L' Agente Pianificatore del sistema di supporto alla gestione di
                emergenze ambientali ad uso del Consigliere Diretto di un porto petroli. ,  ITC-IRST, ENEA,
                The RST Technical  Report #9812-15. Nov.,1998.

         [3]   A.Perini, L.Senter, F.Ricci Architettura del Sistema di Supporto alle decisioni nel campo della Gestione
                delle emergenze. Progetto Enea-IDA. IRST Technical Report #.

         [4]  A. M.Gadomski, S. Bologna, G. DiCostanzo, A.Perini, M. Schaerf. An Approach to the Intelligent
                Decision Advisor (IDA)  for  Emergency Managers. Proceedings of TIEMS'99. The Sixth Annual
                Conference of  The International Emergency Management Society, Delft, Netherlands, June 8-11, 1999.
                 ps File. 

         [5]  G.Di Costanzo. Progettazione e Sviluppo di un Prototipo di Sistema Intelligente di Supporto alle
               Decisioni nel campo della Gestione delle Emergenze: IDA (Intelligent Decision Advisor)
               The Enea  Report ... ,1999.
         Ontological and Modelling Research
          Links to the materials related to the modeling of agent preferences for the choice of intervention goal,
          and  to the cognitive aspects of the intelligent decision support will be added yet.


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