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My domain-independent keywords:
Intelligence-Based Systems, Meta-Knowledge Systems, meta-modeling,  IDSS ( Intelligent Decision Support Systems ), high-intelligence, intelligent agents, structural intelligence, cognitive agents, goal-oriented reasoning, decision-making, heterogenious systems, management, meta-management, emergency management, risk management, organization, methodology, modeling, identification, diagnostics, simulation, qualitative control, problem specification, dynamics, terminology,  real-world representation frameworks,  engineering ontology, meta-reasoning, TOGA theory, ...  personoids, particular, recently: business intelligence, human organization vulnerabilities and pathologies,
in the fields of: Integrated Nuclear Safety Management , Socio-cognitive engineering, Engineering of intelligent cognitive systems Knowledge Engineering, Meta-System Engineering, SystemicsArtificial Intelligence (AI), as well as,  in the  larger context of information technology,  computer science, physics, engineering  philosophy (and experimental computational philosophy)(new).
In general, my systemics research relates to the following generic meta-modeling cognitive tasks:  identification, conceptual design and management.

High-Intelligence and Decision Research Group

Managerial Intelligence & Integrated Nuclear Safety Group


Since Jun. 2008 with

FPN - Department of


and  Nuclear Presidium

 Before (Calculation & Modelling Support Unitat  ING-TISGI) 

  Adam Maria Gadomski              

     Short Biographical Note                 E-mail: gadomski_a(at) 
Phone: +39 06 3048 3404  Fax: +39 06 3048 6511 
Address: ENEA, C.R. Casaccia, S.P.111 
Via Anguillarese, 301,  00060 Roma, Italy

  Member of the Scientific Board of

   Interuniversity Center for Research on Cognitive Processing in Natural

  and Artificial Systems ( ECONA ), Rome 

"Give me a fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own corrections.  You can keep your sterile truth for yourself."   
[Vilfredo Pareto 1848-1923]

Long-term Research Directions (pages in preparation)

Intelligence Research for High-Intelligence Building:
       computational modeling of a multipurpose domain independent incremental  high-intelligence unit.

Reinforcement of  Managerial Intelligence (individual and organization)
  IDSSs ( Intelligent Decision Support Systems ) for the XXI'st Century: Intelligent Decision Support Systems for
       Industrial and Territorial Risk & Emergency Management: in frame of MINDES Program (1996) activated by the
       G7 GEMINI Initiative, it was related to the international cooperation G-DIN ( Global Disaster Information Network)

Intelligent Networks for Nuclear Integrated Super-safety Management   (since 2005)


  ... in updating

Research:  Some Opinions and White Papers 
   Paradigms of  Meta-System Engineering: An attempt 
   Agents and Intelligence  - e-Paper  
  IPK (Information,Preferences, Knowledge) paradigms and structural intelligence  
   Personoids -  Abstract Intelligent Agents  & their  Worlds                                    
    TOGA (Top-down Object-based Goal-oriented Approach) is a  socio-cognitive engineering meta-theory:
         A formal attempt to the representation of  Intelligence-Based Systems (intelligent aggregates,  their preferences, knowledge and
         environment), and to the modeling of their teleological (goal-oriented) activity. - (in editing)

   SPG  (System-Process-Goal) Approach is an integrated engineering ontological framework of  intelligent agent, for the representation of
         goal-oriented complex systems. It has been developed in ENEA (1986-88) for nuclear and high-risk plants.
   Past Projects   (Not updated yet)
  2000-2003:  R&D projects and initiatives:  CIMA, HAM, DfE, SOPHOCLES, SAFEGUARD
   2004-2008 EU Projects IRRIIS, CRESCO
   List of my research papers
   See also: Meta-Knowledge Engineering and Management Server
Forum &  Archives 

Are you interested in   Abstract Intelligent Agents newsgroup ?
Students' Activity at TISGI (see ENEA: TESI DI LAUREA ), General research field is socio-:cognitive research,
     management and engineering, it includes: Abstract Highly Intelligent Agents, Intelligent Decision-Support Systems for
     managers of high-risk complex systems (industrial plants, emergency management, human organizations).
Few copies of the following historical Proceedings are yet available on request from here or (e-mail: :

1.Abstract Intelligent Agent, 2 (The Proceedings of the Second International Round-Table on Abstract Intelligent Agent, AIA'94). A.M. Gadomski, C.Balducelli (Editors).  Published by ENEA, Rome,October 1995.
2 Abstract Intelligent Agent, 1993 ( The Proceedings of the First International Round-Table on Abstract Intelligent Agent, AIA'93 ). A.M. Gadomski (Editor). Published by  ENEA, Rome,1994.

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