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Intelligent Socio-Cognitive Systems  Artificial and Natural Intelligent Societies
PERSONOIDS organizations and society An Approach to  Highly Intelligent Cognitive Software Architecture
    Initial definitions :

  personoid: personlike; being that is person in form only, 
  having the form of person; is formed as person .

    person: human being recognized as an individual in social and psychological contexts [ from The Concise Oxford Dictionary] .

    personality: a set of  mental and behavioral properties which are socially observd and characteristic for a person. Different types of personalities are posible to distinguish.
    [ A.M.Gadomski] .

    form: a structured meta-property of a thing, being, individual, behavior, change, which is a  feature recognized  as essential by  their external 
    observers.[ A.M.Gadomski] 

  society: an enduring set of beings which cooperate for 
  common interests according to a commonly accepted rules
  and values.[ A.M.Gadomski] 

  organization: a sub-society which cooperates for the predefinited goals in frame of structural dependencies.[ A.M.Gadomski] 


software architecture: a structure of functional software units defined as whole for the achieving the system design-goals.

      autonomy: ( in the context): a property of functional software units to execute a class of tasks according to available information, preferences and knowledge/beliefs and not limited by any external requests how these tasks have to be executed.

    high autonomy: a faculty of autonomous tasks execution according to the  modification strategy of proper information, preferences and knowledge/beliefs.

     high intelligence: a property of a highly autonomous system which is able to change own goals, to learn , to reason on/between different abstraction levels, and to be autoconscious.

      autoconsciousness: ability to think about its own   thinking and to use a mental model  of itself  for problem solving.
    [ A.M.Gadomski, 97] 
Personoids Software Technology : This is new strategic Intelligent Agent Technology  research  activity focused on the development of a highly autonomous reasoning kernel for Intelligent Decision Support Systems, for higly-intelligent robots and for socio-cognitive identification and modeling of  abstract Intelligent Organizations & Societies.
Personoid is an abstract intelligent agent with a  cognitive and structural intelligence.   Personoid can be seen as an essence of highly intelligent entities based on the IPK architecture.


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