Identification  & Specification.............................................. 
 [definitions according to the TOGA meta-theory]. 

Identification has two meanings:
(1) (in natural language) to give/construct a description of an existing object of interest/(a system)/(person), sufficient for its  unique recognition in a predefined circumstances.

(2) (in science and engineering)  is an activity relying on the modeling of an existing system sufficient for a predefined purpose/goal

It means, it is a recognition of the properties of an object of interest with an accuracy limited by available physical and mental tools and other circumstances.

Identification is an essential activity in science.

Specification (in science and engineering) relies on the modeling  of a planned/designed but  inexistent yet physical or mental entity with a system property.

It is essential activity in engineering. Specification documents describe usually the properties, functions of a hypothetical  system which should be sufficient for its implementation/construction.

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